About Me

Gray is from Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated in May 2020 University of Alabama after attending four years of boarding school at Woodberry Forest. Growing up, Gray attended multiple SEC Championships, SEC Men’s Basketball Tournaments, Final Fours, and National Championships. Going to those events spawned his love for sports broadcasting and gave him a chance to meet most of his announcing heroes. 

Over the last seven years, Gray has hosted multiple sports talk shows on a variety of platforms, launched a live streaming network at Woodberry, and broadcasted ten different sports, both at Woodberry and at Alabama. He does work for the Crimson Tide Sports Network, SEC Network+, 90.7 WVUA FM, and Crimson Tide Productions. 

A relentless preparer, Gray will spend 4-5 hours watching film and compiling data for game boards to get ready for each and every broadcast. In his spare time, Gray loves playing golf, watching and reviewing films, and continuing his search for the best chocolate cake in America.

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